Invergordon 25 year old, batch 9 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

As I open my That Boutiquey Whisky Company advent calendar 2018, day 4, I am greeted with the exact dram that I have been looking forward to ( ok I cheated and checked out the list ) If you have read my blog recently you will probably have noticed me saying just how much I have been enjoying my grain whiskies of late..


So when this Invergordon 25 year old single grain, batch 9 came out I couldn’t wait to crack the seal and see just how it compares to some of its older siblings..  With the price of single malts only going in an upwards direction many fans of whisky are starting to look for a different direction to get their fix and in my opinion grain whisky is a fantastic option..

As most of you probably know Grain was always intended to be taste neutral and mainly just a filler for the ever growing blend market, most grain distilleries are basically industrial compounds that churn out millions of litres of spirit, dump it into wasted casks and send to the blenders but that’s is slowly changing.. Better quality casks and an outlet has come about and that is only good news for us consumers..

Batch 9 – Invergordon 25 year old

Distillery.. Invergordon

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 25 years


Outturn.. 1093 Bottles

Batch.. Batch 9



Nose.. Vanilla rich with caramel, chocolate, coffee grinds, ginger biscuits and subtle oak this grain is certainly showing off in style..

Palate.. A more spicy start than I expected with some oak and citrus bitterness showing early, the vanilla and toffee flavours start to muscle in with hints of cinnamon, butterscotch and an earthy Manuka honey..

Finish.. Spices and oak..

Thoughts.. This is certainly a spice lead palate, plenty of sweetness eventually shines through and with such an inviting nose then what’s not to like.. Another delicious grain whisky from the Boutiquey gang..



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