The English – Cabernet Sauvignon Cask.

When thinking of Norfolk my initial thoughts turn to boats and the Norfolk Broads, flat farming land and hundreds of outdoor pigs but there is of course something far closer to my heart nestled in the countryside and that is a whisky distillery..


St Georges Distillery is nestled in the Norfolk countryside close to the village of Roundham and has a very good road network surrounding so there is no excuse to not visit !!

Owned  by Andrew Nelstrop who is the passion behind the distillery and who’s family can trace a farming background back over 600 years to 1335 where William Nelstroppe was recorded as farmer in Yorkshire.

In 1772 Joseph Nelstrop started a mill in Ackworth which was later moved to Stockport in 1820 and is today still run by the Nelstrop family..

With the whisky initially released in chapters of unpeated and Peated whisky the distillery today is still releasing by chapter but also offers special limited editions, single casks and a variety of other products including a cream liqueur, a Px product ( to be reviewed shortly) Rye whisky and grain too..

Todays review is this 11yo Cabernet Sauvignon cask that boasts being the oldest whisky released to date, with an abv of 46% this release is natural coloured and NCF.

Nose.. Initially a sweetness rises with spices and that youthful note I seem to find in most of these expressions, dried fruits, candied orange and a little apricot surface.


Palate.. Spices are prominent with a nice peppery kick, cinnamon, some dried fruits, bitter orange peels, chocolate and a a slap of oak tannings..

Finish.. Oak and spice.

Thoughts.. Although it can be said I have not been the biggest fan of the whisky produced from this distillery I am starting to warm to the whisky these days.  I still find those youthful notes that put me off slightly but every now and again I come across a single cask or two that impress me immensely, this however has me sitting on the fence still.

This is pleasant enough, the aromas are inviting and the palate carries plenty of flavour but it still lacks something for me..  I just feel that there is something missing, when you taste the whisky you know there is a truck load of potential but it just leaves me scratching my head..


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  1. Andy says:

    A distillery I’ve wondered about as I have only ever seen them on social media. Reckon it’s one to track down and have a try of when I see them.

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