Blended whisky #2 22yo batch 3 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

7 years old, over 150 labels and an impressive portfolio of distilleries released, numerous awards.. We can only be talking about That Boutiquey Whisky Company, and another review from the long line up of expressions that have managed to impress me.


Todays review is actually a blend that is a rather impressive 22 yo and is batch 3 from the blend #2 series..

Having tried all sorts to get the whiskies included within this blend from those tight lipped folk at Boutiquey headquarters including bribes but they  are not giving anything up..

Distillery.. Blend

Region.. N/A

Age.. 22 years

Abv.. 41.8%

Batch.. 3

Bottler.. That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Outturn.. 1650 bottles


Nose.. Rich vanilla and caramel notes are instantly evident with honey, chocolate and candied orange notes mingling nicely with coffee and a soft hint of dried fruits.


Palate.. Soft spices lead into a delicious sweetness that was so evident on the nose. Vanilla, caramel, soft oak and a touch of coconut are the main notes here with a subtle hint of dried fruits, chocolate and sugared almonds.

Finish.. Drying with a lingering sweetness.

Thoughts.. An extremely interesting blend with a real sweetness that is so reminiscent of old grains..

Boasting an age statement of 22 years this blend has to be packed with some really well aged grains and when you sit down and really Analyse this whisky part by part you can certainly appreciate what might be in the make up of such a superb tasting blend.. Elegance and sophistication are just two words that fall out of the mouth when asked to describe this, along with seductive which is certainly what this whisky is !!

This blend is so typical of the quality that this company turns out that is is becoming ever harder to decide which expressions to buy..


This is certainly one worth buying !  And with a price tag of £63.95 for 22yo from Master of Malt, what’s stopping you ?

This is also Day 9 of the That Boutiquey Whisky Company advent Calendar 2019 and just happens to be my whisky of the year 2018 !!..


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  1. Colin says:

    I managed to try this at a festival last year and it was one of the best whiskies I tried that night so bought a bottle from Master of malt.

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