Glendronach 15 – Revival.

Glendronach 15

It’s back !!!

The beloved Glendronach 15 revival is back at last, discontinued a few years back when the distillery was struggling to find enough stocks to continue the production of this well loved expression and were having to use older stocks in order to meet demands.


The Glendronach 15 sherry cask was first introduced to the market in the 90’s and was bottled at 40% before bottling of this expression stoped and in 2009 the Glendronach 15 revival was born with an abv of 46% …

The revival built up its iconic position in the whisky world with its constant quality and great value not to mention the fact it was actually rumoured to be nearer the 20 -21yo  mark as stocks were extremely limited.

Initially the Glendronach 15 revival was matured solely in Spanish Oloroso casks where as the new version is now matured in both Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso casks in order to give us a slightly different expression.

Glendronach Revival 15 year old

Distillery.. Glendronach

Region.. Highland

Age.. 15 years

Abv.. 46%

Cask.. Px + Oloroso

The Glendronach 15 is also naturally coloured and NCF.

Nose.. Dates, raisins, figs and candied orange are initially evident before a rich dark chocolate note starts to overtake. Coffee grinds, plums, tobacco leaf and Manuka honey brings in a rich earthy note that reminds you of those dark, dusty warehouses we dream about.


Palate.. Soft spices mingle perfectly with the dried fruits and honey notes, chocolate, orange peel, almonds, marzipan and cherries along with Turkish delight and Madagascan vanilla give this a little elegance.

Finish.. Lasting sweetness with a twist of spice.

Thoughts.. It’s back and it’s bloody good !!

The marrying of Px and Oloroso really gives this a little more, the feel is elegant and the flavours decadent.

There is a richness that seduces you, the aromas massage the senses and the flavours entice you further into a daydream that only breaks as you empty the glass..

A good whisky is more than just a drink, it is a story teller, it tells us a history of the place it is made, the people who made it, the love and attention that created it and each cask and expression has a story to tell, a journey to take us on and a memory to make..

I always want my whisky to take me on that journey, make me think about the days and years it has spent sleeping within those dark walls before waking from the long sleep and from the moment you pour this revival it does that !

My only advice is be prepared to buy another bottle as one won’t last very long..


The Glendronach 15 Revival.. it’s back baby with attitude..

Be prepared to be impressed.

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  1. archiesdram says:

    Cracking dram! Cracking review as well.

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  2. After a day like today, this raises a much needed smile. Lovely review.

    Keep it up

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  3. Timp says:

    Looking forward to it even more now! Nice review, cheers..

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