Highland Park – Wings of the Eagle.

Highland Park Wings of the Eagle is one of the new releases from Highland Park exclusively for the travel retail sector, as part of a four bottle release ( Spirit of the bear, Loyalty of the Wolf, Wings of the Eagle and Viking Pride).


This expression should retail for around £79 and has been matured in both European and American oak Sherry casks. Bottled at 44.5% abv this is naturally coloured.


Nose.. Surprisingly sweet with an initial burst of vanilla, honey and caramel before both fresh fruits and dried fruits mingle, hints of plum and dark chocolate soon rise to the top with Cinnamon, ginger and some nutmeg giving this a spicy encore.

Palate.. There is a delicious richness to this, it starts of with dates, raisins, chocolates orange, coffee beans, plums, and a touch of tobacco.. Again the spices show up later with cinnamon and a hint of  ginger and a little vanilla sweetness to finish it all off..


Finish.. Sweet and spicy..

Thoughts.. This one has certainly peeked my interest, the smoke is extremely subtle, in fact it’s almost non existent..

The fruits and sweetness are certainly the stars of the show here and as such they are able to dominate and give this an elegant richness that draws you in..

The extra abv certainly helps this out and for a 16 yo the price is pretty good too (although it might/will  jump if released into the general market )


Highland Park Wings of the Eagle..

With thanks to Highland Park for this official sample.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alexander says:

    I am just commenting to you for the great information you give from this review, I enjoy the experience I find when I read this thought of you.


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Alex.. It’s a tough one, I do agree there is certainly a lot of releases and I do wonder if so many are needed that said if they are selling them who are we to argue..


  3. Alex says:

    Another interesting review, my only concern is the amount of releases these guys are doing.
    What are your thoughts on this subject ? Also what about the prices ?


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