Claxton’s Orkney single cask.

As with a few single cask releases from independent bottlers these days the distilleries are asking them to withhold  the identities and / or “teaspooning “ the casks ( this involves adding literally a “teaspoon” or a small amount of  whisky from a different distillery to stop this being classed as a single malt )


In this case the Distillery in question has obviously asked Claxtons to withhold the identity, although in this instance it might not take a genius to work out that this could be a certain Distillery with deep Nordic roots..

I asked the Norse Gods to offer up a clue in order to help out and all I got told was to go to the High land and Park up.. Hmmmm might have known if I looked into the light I’d only see dark but I’m sure Odin wouldn’t be any use either.. No worries.

So a little about Claxtons.. This Yorkshire based independent bottler is now becoming a firm favourite of mine due to the quality of casks selected and the fact they are only s stones throw away from where I reside..

Having spoken with Adrian from Claxtons on several occasions, I know they really do try very hard to bring quality casks with a little attitude to the table, they also don’t just want run of the mill style casks, they look for something that really makes you sit up and notice what is in your glass. Quality casks and value for money is something Adrian holds dear and being from Yorkshire that appeals to me immensely!

All the expressions released from Claxtons are single casks and cask strength, Non chill filtered and of course all natural colour. Emphasis is put on supplying a fully natural product that they can be proud to add the family name to.


So todays review is a single cask from Highland Park… Er sorry don’t read that part this is a single cask from an undisclosed distillery located on Orkney..

Hailing from a single Hogshead cask this release was distilled in March 2007 and has a 10 year age statement. Bottled at 63% abv this obviously has been put into cask at above the industry average 63.5%.

Nose.. Initially this is fresh with a real floral scent but that is soon overtaken with gentle smoke, freshly peeled apples, citrus notes, tropical fruits, subtle chocolate then comes the attitude with spices taking over.

Palate.. A big kick of pepper, cinnamon and oak brings all the senses alive before some fruit starts to appear, a vanilla sweetness adds to chocolate, caramel and soft coconut notes.

Finish.. Lingering spices with chilli heat.


Thoughts.. This has attitude, the alcohol certainly needs taming in order to bring out the best in this whisky.. Not being one to normally reach for the water jug I would certainly advise it with this..

This is a whisky that will blow away the cobwebs and warm the cockles on a cold winters evening.. There is still a youthful feeling hiding within but that adds to the enjoyment, there is some depth and plenty to think about but it’s all about taming the attitude first..

Give it time and respect and you will find a super whisky hiding beneath..



With thanks to Adrian for the official sample.


Claxtons Orkney Single Cask..


6 Comments Add yours

  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Can we ever be totally certain when it is a undisclosed distillery 👍


  2. Kenneth says:

    Can you be sure this is Highland Park ? If it is I think the price is very good.


  3. Garry says:

    Read this,bought it,tried it,bloody love it ! Thanks.


  4. Charlie says:

    Noticed a few releases by Claxtons, might have to try and get my hands on one or two. Thanks


  5. Kerren says:

    Claxtons are a new name to me, but it looks like you enjoy the brand very much. Valuable information! Thanks.


  6. I liked it so much that I bought a full bottle of it earlier this year. Indeed a super whisky… with its own head and character! No easy-drinking dram, but a highly rewarding one.


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