Old Pulteney 2006 v 1990 .

Released earlier this year ( 2018 ) these two expressions are added to the 2002 vintage to become  part of a trio of vintages released into the travel retail sector by Old Pulteney.


Old Pulteney distillery was founded back in 1826 when the main form of transport was done by ships, the ocean was an important way of transporting goods in and out of Wick.

The port of Wick had two main exports, Herrings and Whisky ( silver and gold)  but was the life line of the distillery with the import of barley that was of course vital to the Pulteney Distillery.


( picture courtesy of Old Pulteney )

In 1922 the town of Wick became a dry town after a majority vote by the local Ward, for exactly 25 years the town remains dry and unfortunately sees the Pulteney distillery mothballed until the early 1950’s when Robert Cumming acquired the site and resumed production.


( picture courtesy of Old Pulteney)

The 2006 vintage has been matured in ex Bourbon casks for over 11 years, bottled at 46% abv this expression is both NCF and naturally coloured. This carries a rrp of £55.


Colour.. Light gold.

Nose.. Spices lead the way in this one with cinnamon, fresh ginger and a little pepper  leading into fresh fruits like pear, apples and peach.. Salted caramel, vanilla, Lemmon peels and a soft maritime note linger.

Palate.. The spices are still there along with the fruits and the sweetness .. Cinnamon, ginger, apples, pears and a soft Lemmon note along with enticing vanilla can easily be found.

Finish.. Drying and far too short.

Thoughts.. This is a really enjoyable whisky and one that is perfect for those warm summer days, sharing with friends.  This is not complicated nor is it full of depth but what is there is good, it just does not hang around long enough and that is a shame because I do enjoy Old Pulteney.

Next up is the 1990 vintage, matured firstly in American oak before receiving a “ finishing” period in “ Spanish oak” or sherry casks to you and me.. Bottled at 46% abv this is also NCF and all natural colour.. This one carries a rrp of £288.


Colour.. Dark gold.

Nose.. Wisps of delicate smoke wrap themselves around fresh vanilla pods, caramel shortcake and  fresh apples. Pears and subtle hints of dried fruits along with chocolate, candied orange and soft spices make  this a much more inviting dram.

Palate.. Spices lead you into a salty smoky note that costs the mouth before letting  the dried fruits and a soft sweet vanillas, caramels, citrus peels and chocolate that all develop into a wonderfully sweet explosion of flavours.

Finish.. Smokey, spicy and the whole caboodle..

Thoughts.. Old Pulteney as it should be !! This is smokey, moody and fruity all at the same time.. Boasting 27+ years in casks this still feels very vibrant, the age really does not show ( in a very good way ) and there is no overpowering oak notes that can appear with a little age.

This 1990 offers up plenty of depth and complex flavours which makes this is a very enjoyable whisky that needs to be appreciated and explored to the full..


With thanks to Old Pulteney for these official samples and the use of some pictures.


Old Pulteney 2006 V 1990..


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  1. Geoff says:

    Great review Sorren had me getting thirsty I had a 1985 Highland Park this week we are certainly missing something these days I will review it next week.


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