Cambus 24 year old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

Cambus Distillery

The Cambus Distillery dates back to around 1806 when John Mowbray converted a derelict mill situated next to the river Devron close to the Forth estuary. The business was registered in 1813 with land registration coming soon after, 1823 see’s  the distillery producing its first grain whisky.  In 1851 the Distillery was expanded and a larger continuous still was added which made the distillery one of the largest grain producers.

In 1877 Cambus distillery along with 4 other Lowland distilleries firmed the company DCL, a few years later in 1882 the Cambus brewery was purchased in order to expand the distilleries maltings.

A recorded visit from Alfred Bernard in around 1886 gives us an inclination of the scale back then with a capacity of storing around 25,000 casks, 2 Coffey still in operation with an output of 1 million litres of spirit produced per year and the construction of a third still house underway..

The Distillery was closed in 1993.


Cambus 24 Single Grain

Todays review is a  Cambus 24 yo independently bottled by That Boutiquey Whisky Company and is a  single grain whisky that has been bottled at 49.7% with natural colour and NCF.


Nose.. This starts off with a  perfumed note before a sweetness starts playing a rather interesting support role.. Vanilla, caramel and candy floss gives you the sweetness with a soft coconut scent, citrus peels and subtle spices giving a little more depth..

Palate.. There is a nice spicy kick to this little beastie.. instant oak, cinnamon, ginger and pepper lead you into this dram with the sweetness battling to be noticed. Eventually the vanilla, caramel notes start to shine with a little honey, cinder toffee and burnt sugar.

Finish.. Spicy all the way baby…


Thoughts.. With grain comes the notion of bland unattractive whisky intended to bulk out blended whisky and with the majority of grain produced and used this might be spot on.. Generally stored in well used casks for the intention of producing a taste negative product grain whisky always carried a bad name but with the popularity of single malts and an ever increasing price tag it’s time to look at these grains !!

More recently grain whisky is being stored in slightly better casks and so there are some fantastic younger grains out there, no longer do they need 40-50 years in order to be magnificent ( yes I did say magnificent !! ) and even an expression like this 24yo could be considered as well aged..

Originally this Cambus 24 yo was sold for £63-£65, this was a bloody steal when you consider this is a 24 yo grain from a CLOSED distillery,  anyone lucky enough to have bagged one of the 319 bottles should be sitting there with a smile on his / her face and a glass of wonderful single grain whisky in their hand..

This sample is from my Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar 2017..


Cambus 24yo from That Boutiquey Whisky Company..


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  1. Whisk y time says:

    Stumbled across this site while looking for some grain whisky, great review and plenty of variety. Thanks .


  2. ilovewhisky says:

    Dear Mr OCD Whisky,

    Please refrain from releasing informative reviews where the reader can almost taste the words and sense the aromas. These translate as “must try” whiskies and it makes one of our customers want to buy them…


    A Concerned Bank Manager 🙂


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