Boutique-y full 8yo English Whisky..

That Boutique-y Whisky Company bring us another batch of the English whisky from The English Whisky Company.. Having just turned 6 years old in 2018 That Boutiquey Whisky Company continues to bring us more stunning batches of blends, single casks and “teaspooned” whiskies from around the world and this English whisky is just another interesting release in their portfolio..


Released in February 2018 this latest release is rumoured to consist of both bourbon and Sauternes cask, with an outturn of 845 bottles and an Abv of 52.3%, this whisky is of course Natural colour and NCF.. The label, designed as always by Emily Chappell shows a scene where St George is about to defeat the Dragon..

Nose.. Toffee apples and honey wrapped in a smokey bubble, wet charcoal and a soft earthy note, once you get passed the smokey bodyguard there is quite a lot of sweetness to be found.. Candied orange and a bowl full of fresh fruits and syrup, a soft coffee note lingers with some chocolate lingering way way back..


Palate.. Smoke and spices  are certainly the dominant flavours early on with some sweetness coming through, a little ash with oak and liquorice root take you into a little butterscotch and vanilla.

Finish.. Smokey all the way..


That Boutiquey Whisky Company 8yo English Whisky..


Thoughts.. The first thing I noticed is the distinct lack of a youthful presence.. I have always thought the English whisky  needed a little more time ( my opinion ) and at last it seems to feel and taste more mature.. The smoke is certainly at the forefront in this expression and will be exactly what the peat lovers will be looking for.. You don’t need to go to Islay for peated whisky ( although I’m sure the peat will have hailed from Scotland !! And most probably Aberdeenshire )

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  1. elPolako says:

    interesting read, English whisky didn’t make it to my neck of woods yet. Read about it is all i can do for now. Interesting from the description, definitely something to try when in UK next time. Thanks Sorren


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