Talisker 8yo Cask Sample.. Unleash the beast.

it’s not everyday you get the chance to review Talisker straight out of the cask !! Today though I have that very pleasure. A certain energetic young man who goes by the name of Colin Dunn ( a few of you might have heard the name whispered around the many hallowed halls filled with whisky) handed me a sample and said “ go away and see what you make of this” a smile and a wink and a shifty look around just incase the shifty mob were in town..


Anyway the first thing that is obvious is the colour..  ( pale straw) of course this is natural colour ( so those in the know understand how different this looks) no chill filtration (obviously ) and a strength of 58.9%


Nose.. Gentle smoke rises with a pepper hit and earthy notes.. Smouldering ashes and sea spray gives this that unmistakable Talisker scent and a little fruitiness.

Palate.. Pepper and as Colin would say.. There’s that Chilli heat.. Ash, Burnt toffee, ginger and fruity peat.. What else would there be !!

Finish… Smokey and drying..

Thoughts.. Talisker straight from the cask and it don’t get much better.. It’s RAW and untamed and just like the shoreline of Skye it’s rugged..


With thanks to Colin Dunn for opening my eyes.. and of course for the sample.. ollie would be proud of me..


Mr Talisker himself.. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you.. Damn what’s his name, o yes Colin Dunn…



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophia says:

    Good points


  2. Stacy says:

    You implied there is a difference between this and the general releases so may I ask what that is ?


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