Glen Moray 2010 Peated PX finish.

The second review in this mini series sees me reviewing this Glen Moray Peated PX finish from the Glen Moray distillery, nestled at the top of speyside this Distillery is certainly giving us some very decent whisky.


Bottled at 55.8% this single cask #99917 was distilled in 2010 and spent the first 3.5 years in an ex bourbon cask before having an extended “ finishing” period of 3 years and 4 months in an ex Pedro Ximenez sherry butt.

Nose.. You are pulled towards the ashy notes of smouldering wood and damp earth before the sweetness from the PX is allowed to shine. Dates, plums and dark chocolate with a little candied orange and burnt sugar mix with tobacco leaf, ginger and cinnamon.


Palate.. It’s all about the peat with this.. the ashy, burnt notes mixed with a soft sweetness just dominate proceedings.. Although you can detect the Px effect it certainly does not offer much more than a supporting role.. Smokey burnt notes with soft ripe fruits, chocolate and liquorice, citrus notes and soft spices are all in support to the fruity peat.

Finish.. Drying and smokey..


Glen Moray 2010 peated Px Finish ..


Thoughts.. This Glen Moray 2010 Peated PX Cask is on the younger side but it’s bloody good!! Now releases as the Distillery exclusive, it is certainly one to get your hands on !!

The youthfulness in this Distillery exclusive allows the peat to really dominate and it certainly does not disappoint.

The best thing about these Peated Malts from Glen Moray is that they in no way offend, they are fruity and ever so well balanced, and even though this is peat dominant it still remains an extremely drinkable whisky with enough underlying flavours and aromas to keep you intrigued..


This just shows that whisky can be excellent at a younger age if the people making it know what they are doing and the wood management is done correctly.


With thanks to Glen Moray for this official sample..

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  1. F J K says:

    You could certainly see your enthusiasm within what you write. I always think of Glen Moray as cheap whisky and therefore avoided it on all occasions, not anymore!


  2. Andy says:

    All these whiskies that haven’t been on my ‘radar’ before now. I will have to keep a watch on the shelves to see if I can stumble across any of these.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jack says:

    You don’t often go wrong with Glen Moray, good writing Sorren.


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