Glengoyne 25 yo.

Tracing the history of Glengoyne gives us a typical story of illegal distilling turning into a legal operation and the story begins  way way back to the early years of the 1800’s when George Connell begins distilling illegally on the same location as the present Distillery is located but he was not the first to occupy the location as it is believed his grandfather also distilled on the location prior to teaching George the art..

The first license to distill was obtained in the early part of the 1830’s (1833) for the use of making alcohol at Glenguin of Burnfoot, it was not until 1907 that the Distillery would be known as Glengoyne.

The Distillery was always run with the use of sherry casks and locally sourced fuels rather than using peat for the drying process and what started out as a cheaper option today sees the distillery operating in a minority of distilleries using the more expensive route of sherry butts.

In 1966 the distillery expanded its production to 1.2 million litres of alcohol, tripling the previous operation. Today the whisky produced is sold all over the world and is held in high esteem by millions of whisky drinkers worldwide..

Todays review is for the 25 yo which is made up with first fill oloroso sherry butts, bottled at 48% and is naturally coloured.


Nose.. Dates, raisins, figs and plum pudding with toffee sauce.. Tobacco leaf, orange peel, liquorice, old leather, chocolate and espresso coffee aromas all rise gently to send your senses into overdrive.


Palate.. Spices interact with the dried fruits, gentle oak flavours before rich dark chocolate notes lead you perfectly into hints of almonds and glacier cherries before the gentle notes of tobacco, old leather and coffee finish this off in style.

Finish.. lingering spices and dried fruit.

Thoughts.. This whisky has an elegance that only comes with well aged whisky, the aromas are perfectly balanced with an  onslaught of flavours that just seduce the senses into overdrive.


The Glengoyne 25 yo..


A beautifully created whisky that deserves respect and plenty of time to really appreciate what you have..

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  1. Lou V says:

    Oh my goodness! an incredible sounding whisky. Fabulous review, Thanks .


  2. J says:

    What a superb whisky ! I tried this st the distillery and fell in love with it, shame about the price.


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