Glenfiddich 27 yo 1st fill sherry barrel.

Where do I start with this review..  For many years I have enjoyed Glenfiddich whisky, after all it is the whisky that started me on my journey into single malts.. So many people dismiss Glenfiddich but how can you when  it is basically on of the best selling whisky names out there !  It is always consistent and when it comes down to it, it never actually disappoints, it is probably more of a snobbery thing or even just ignorance from most, ok there will always be some who don’t think it is great..

Over the years I have bought and tried so many bottles from the Glenfiddich Distillery from the “ special reserve” to “Snow Phoenix” and the ever consistent 21yo and 30 yo but I never actually expected to ever get my hands on something like this..


Like all distilleries Glenfiddich has some real gems hidden away that rarely see the light of day and when they do the average person will not even know about it.. When I first noticed this whisky I had to take a second glance.. I looked at the bottle and noticed the colour ( black) and lack of a real Label, I just had to try it..  When offered the opportunity to try it I couldn’t get my glass out fast enough !! A big smile ( I don’t smile often !! ) crosses my face and I’m a little giddy at this point ( like a love struck teenager ) as soon as it was poured I could smell the aromas and when I say I just smiled and nosed this whisky for the best part of an hour I kid you not !! Anyway to cut a long story short I received a sample so I could sit at home and do a review ( and for those out there that slam this I am in no way ashamed )

Unfortunately I don’t think this will be released but I will tell you it is as black as the ace of spades !! The vintage is a 1990 and the abv is 57%.. This whisky hails from a first fill sherry barrel..


Nose.. Damn this is rich.. There is just an abundance of dried fruits ! The finest dates, Apricot and rich plums, exotic figs and Turkish delight.. Dark chocolate, sugar coated almonds, old leather with tobacco, liquorice and the darkest toffee you can find.

Palate.. There’s the oak that seemed to be missing from the nose.. Still has that rich note but the oak and spice is more dominant.. The dried fruits certainly come through with elegance and the old musty flavours you would expect are there..

Finish.. Long and oaky with spices to boot.

Thoughts.. Where do I begin.. I will say I make no apologies for what I might write down next !!


I’ve just spent the best part of two and a half hours with this dram and believe me it was worth every second !! The richness on the nose is just devine, it really is like a seductive temptress that just wants to take away your soul for the instant pleasure your about to receive..  The aromas are what old,  well aged whisky should be about, no aroma has overwhelming  dominance but rather it is all in perfect harmony.. The balance and depth this whisky has is incredible, it has  such complexity aromas and flavours with the ability to render you speechless for a moment while you reflect on the history ( ok I know I’m getting a little deep here) but it really is that good.. Or maybe it’s just because I’ve waited so long to try something like this that I just can’t find a fault.. And I really can’t find fault at this point..






5 Comments Add yours

  1. thinkwhisky says:

    Wow!! Look at the colour! If only I could have tried this.


  2. Larry larry says:

    Wow, just wow.


  3. Awhiskyfreak says:

    What a great opportunity you had, one of the perks of having one of the best blogs out there I guess.
    Keep up the great writings.


  4. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Timp..
    I feel very privileged to have had the chance to try this one.. It’s not often you see these single cask offerings from Glenfiddich.


  5. Timp says:

    Thats some review Sorren.. Bearing in mind I will probably never taste something like this, its great to read about such an experience written in such a descriptive way. I like to read about aspirational experiences and there is always something you can take away as knowledge for future purchases.. Cheers.. Timp

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