BenRiach Four cask V Authenticis 30 yo.

The BenRiach distillery has released some rather tasty offerings recently and the latest two to come to my attention may have just raised the bar once again.

Firstly the 21yo Four cask matured Release has certainly caught my attention having spent time in Bourbon barrels, Virgin oak, Pedro Ximenez and Red wine casks. This could either be just a mismatched array of flavours or a work of art and knowing the fact Rachel Barrie has married these together I rather expect the latter to be the case !!


Secondly I have the Authenticis 30 yo which in itself is a rather special moment but when you add the fact this is a peated expression from back in the 80’s and from speyside then you know it is not every day your going to experience this .. Ok so BenRiach was using peated barley back in the 70’s but it was not a common practice to release peated whisky from the speyside region.

Firstly I have the Four cask matured whisky which as mentioned has spent a period in Bourbon, Virgin, PX and Red wine casks and has been bottled at 46%, boasting natural colour and NCF.


Nose..  There is an array of aromas that greet you as you say hello, fresh apple peel with candied orange, chocolate and cinnamon buns along with ripe pear, butterscotch and honey..

Palate.. Fruity, ever so fruity then wham the spices appear and just change the dynamics of this whisky. From Apple, pear, berries and orange peel you are then treated to an explosion of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg with warming oak and bitter chocolate.

Finish.. Soft, explosive and entertaining!

Thoughts.. Well Sherlock what do we have here..  This is like walking through a fruit orchard at the break of day when the dew is still glistening, the fresh scents of summer are all around and your senses are alive.. Then Wham, you’re transported to a eastern Market where the spices are free flowing and the scents are sending your senses into overdrive.. Then your in a bed of luxurious Egyptian cotton being pampered with soft notes and you just feel like you are flying..  ( Yes I like it, so shoot me)

Next up on the journey is Authenticis 30yo, which intends on taking us on a peaty ride to the dark side.. Bottled at 46% this is once again all natural and NCF.

Nose.. Just think heather, honey, poached pears and gentle smoke from a dying fire and you’re not far away from this .. Sweet meets smoke and spice meets bitter chocolate.


Palate.. This is interesting.. The smoke is dominant yet subtle and the fruits are abundant while soft, there is a sweetness that floats in and out with the oak and just as you think you have mastered it the flavours just evolve into a completely different beast..

Finish.. Oak and spice infused with smoke.

Thoughts.. This grabs your attention straight away and it does not let you go until the glass is empty, and when it is your thought is “ What the hell have I just drunk”  This is peated whisky on another level.. Forget the expressive words or unwanted extras, they are not needed here..

Just try to get some of this because you are going to enjoy it !!


Thank you to BeRiach for these official samples.



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  1. ilovewhisky says:

    I really enjoyed this review. Honest and to the point and as refreshing as ever!

    Bravo 🙂

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