Blended whisky #1 35 year old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

A simple thing like an advent calendar can bring so much happiness to a young child but now we have the ultimate teaser for adults in the form of whisky advent calendars and this year I went and treated myself to one in the form of the Boutiquey Whisky Company advent calendar which over the past few days has offered up some real gems and not to mention a couple of new releases..


Todays door revealed a whopper in the form of this 35yo blended whisky which is the third batch from the WWA 2015 “Worlds Best Blended Whisky” !!

With a release of 1,428 bottles this has an abv of 46.5% and is all natural ..

Nose.. Rich sherried notes just jump out of the glass with this one.. Plum pudding, rum n raisin chocolate, coffee and old leather, bonfire toffee with Black Forest gateau.


Palate.. Sweet and dry with a rich syrupy flavour.. This tastes old and musty with luscious chocolate notes that just wrap around fruits and spices, Manuka honey and dried tobacco leaf gives this an earthy note with a touch of aniseed..

Finish.. drying but spicy.

Thoughts..  You are just going to get lost in this one !!

Complex, perfectly balanced and just totally delicious..


Blended whisky #1 35yo from That Boutiquey Whisky Company..


Can you tell I like it !!

This sample  is from the 2017 Boutiquey Whisky Company  advent calendar.

You can buy the calendar here..

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  1. Doug says:

    I really really want some now !

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