Blended Malt #3 19yo, That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

Another day closer to Christmas can only mean one thing.. It’s time to open another door on my advent calendar, “ drum roll” and today’s exciting dram is a rather interesting 19yo “ blended” malt or in this case another “teaspooned” dram which generally means a single malt with what is a fictional amount of whisky from another Distillery added  in order to stop the official name appearing on the label..


Bottled at 50.2% this expression is natural coloured and NCF..

Nose.. This starts of rather sweet but with a malty undertone.  Vanilla,caramel and custard creams with a freshly ground malty sweetness that leads perfectly into some luscious chocolate notes along with honey, and gentle spices..

Palate.. A spicy little beast… The oak and spices come alive on this one with cinnamon, pepper and a little nutmeg enticing your senses before hints of chocolate, toffee and citrus peels come through..


Finish.. spices and oak.

Thoughts.. Well I like this.. I like it a lot ! The nose leads you into thinking this is going to be a gentle beast but the palate dispelled those thoughts immediately.. A 19 yo that is probably a single malt rather than a blend and is from a special Speyside distillery at £70 ish..


Damn what you waiting for ?


This sample is from the 2017 Boutiquey Whisky Company advent calendar.

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  1. Jack says:

    Another great review Sorren. Thanks


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