Glenglassaugh Peated Virgin Oak.

Glenglassaugh have released a set of 4 wood finished expressions and this Peated Virgin Oak is the final review in this series, the first 3 reviewed were the delicious PX sherry finished whisky and then the Port finished taking on the Peated Port cask finish in a head to head..


I always find that a Virgin oak matured or finished whisky can really split the room with those who don’t want too much oak and people like me who want a big oak influence. This Peated version will add a different dimension and hopefully the peat will not dominate like so many expressions I have had before.

Bottled at 46% this is NCF and natural coloured.


Nose.. Soft smoke wraps itself around gentle spices, vanilla and toffee notes. There is a soft fruit note that develops into toffee apples and toasted marshmallows with sugared almonds.

Palate.. Spices and oak explode instantly and with it you get a sweet fruity, peaty  note that develops into a chocolate  infused with ginger and a little candied orange.

Finish.. Oak with peat.

Thoughts.. Very pleasant with some great qualities but it didn’t set my world on fire unfortunately.. The peat is lovely and subtle but it was still enough to mask some of the flavours I really wanted to find ! I still believe that the peat takes away too much in the flavour side but that is just my opinion and I know many others will disagree with that,  but isn’t that the whole point.. Its all opinions..


Glenglassaugh peated Virgin Oak.


Overall thoughts on the four finishes.. Would I buy this ? Possibly but I’d buy the PX and Port wood finish first ( un-peated obviously) They we’re both packed with flavour and just had that feeling of more depth and complexity..  I would then buy this Virgin oak before the Peated Port Wood just because this has a slightly better depth but I would still be more than happy to drink any of the 4..


With thanks to Glenglassaugh for these official samples..




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