Glenglassaugh Port Finish v Peated Port Finish.

Todays review sees me go head to head once again with two expressions from Glenglassaugh that have both been finished in port pipes but one is peated and the other not ! This should be rather interesting..


Both are bottled at 46% abv and are part of the new 2017 wood finish Release.

Port wood finish..

Nose.. This is extremely fruity with the word jam just jumping out at you.. Fresh fruits and apple orchards just come to mind, country lanes when the blackberries are everywhere and memories of raspberry picking are all enclosed in this nose.. Soft spices and vanilla with caramel, citrus and chocolate giving this a rounded aroma.

Palate.. Jam and spice all jumbled up together with a sweetness that just works in harmony with the oak.

Finish.. Too short !!


Peated Port Finish..

Nose.. Soft smoke with a little spice and a lot softer fruit side.

Palate.. A fruity start that is soon overtaken by the peat which brings in a little burnt sugar, toffee apples and spices.

Finish.. Smoke and spices.


Thoughts.. Two expressions that are worlds apart ! First noticeable difference is the colour, the peated whisky has that distinctive pink hue that you expect from port matured / finished whiskies while the other is more dark straw with a very light tinge to it.. Then the gap just grows even more with the unpeated version just screaming sweet jam and all things nice, while the peat for me just masked all those sweet notes a little to easily, although it still makes for a great whisky the unpeated version is far closer to what I would pick for myself but saying that the peated expression should certainly not be over looked..

Both feel remarkably well made, well balanced and carry some nice depth to the aromas and flavours..


Glenglassaugh Port Finish v Peated Port Finish..

With thanks to Glenglassaugh for these samples.





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