A festival to remember.

Festivals come and go but the memories stay with us for a long time,  comments made, banter exchanged and new friends found are all part of the festival scene..

Saturday October 21st found me traveling to York on behalf of Paul John Whisky and to a festival organised by the Whisky Lounge who are an organisation created by one of the friendliest couple I know.. Eddie and Amanda Ludlow are the faces behind this innovative company who organise festivals, tastings, trips and an extremely long list of  happy customers!!

The Festival in York has been running for over a decade and has seen a few different homes but now resides at the York racecourse, a fitting venue for such a fantastic festival which celebrates whisky..


The day of the festival once again finds me on the other side of the table, pouring whisky to the many friendly customers who are the heartbeat of any festival. Both young and old faces, male and female all merge into a family of whisky lovers who are only there for one reason..  The love of a simple drink…


The most memorable thing I always take away from these events is the feeling of pleasure found within this simple drink.. The comments made by those who may never have tried the whisky I pour for them and the sheer pleasure they receive from trying the spirit poured for them.. When I first started to volunteer for Paul John Whisky most people were fairly oblivious to the wonderful whisky coming from India.. Over the past year it is apparent just how popular the brand is becoming and the fact that people now come straight to the table and ask for the brand is a fantastic feeling indeed.. The Paul John brand is fast becoming a household name within the whisky fabric and wherever it goes from here is only anyone’s guess..

The main thing I was able to take from this latest festival is the ever growing appreciation for the brand and the acceptance for a brand hailing from outside Scotland.  The fact people also approach the table and remember me serving them at other festivals and want to chat further about the product is a fantastic feeling, and one that I wish could go on for a lot longer..



So my final words are these.. I thank all the wonderful people who have attended the festivals that I have worked, for the many wonderful comments on the whisky you gave, for the sheer pleasure the Paul John company have afforded me by allowing me to work these festivals on your behalf and to Shilton for introducing me to the whisky in the first place..

Thank you..




Smiling faces..


Whisky was flowing..


They now know just how good Paul John Whisky is !!




Old friends..


New friends.. All with one thing in common..  Whisky !!!


Even Abbie and Chris from Cooper King Distillery came to say hello..


I bid you farewell.

Slainte.. Thanks for the memories!!!

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  1. Holley says:

    I do enjoy visiting festivals for the banter, friendly people and of course the whisky.


  2. Alistair / @SpiritAndWood says:

    Seems every time I see you at these things I ask you to look after something, be it my jacket or a bottle. I enjoy festivals even more these days knowing I’m also getting to see friends. Great write-up, and thanks for photoshopping me to look good 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Andy says:

    Alright mate. Got me self a bottle of that peated whisky I had in York. Goes really well with a few crackers and blue stilton.

    Glad i chatted with you. All the best mate.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Edward M says:

    Wonderful to taste the PaulJohnWhisky range again and have you answer all my questions, Sorren! I’ve certainly learnt plenty from you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Barry and Sandra says:

    Tried some of the Paul John Whisky with you in Newcastle this year. You were really interesting in the way you talked us through the different bottles.

    Opened my eyes it did.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thanks for the comments.. Hope you managed to grab a bottle Archie !!


  7. Archie says:

    My wife let me off the leash so I could pop up and see you at Manchester. Cracking whisky that mate. That peated one was class mate. Pure class.

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  8. Wonderful write up, Sorren! I felt like I was there – it looks like it was quite the event!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Gaz says:

    Hello again. Good write up mate, spoke to you at Newcastle where you talked us through the range, loved the whisky. Look forward to seeing you again next year 👍

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  10. ilovewhisky says:

    Sorren, that’s a really nice piece, yet it’s really sad too.

    You were the first face of “Paul John” who served me, and the most welcoming. I do feel that was / is because you do it as a passion over recognition… even at York last weekend you were sharing whisky from your personal collection with us.

    The amount of people that I’ve been able to introduce to this whisky through knowledge gained from you and your blog stands as testament to that.


    Liked by 1 person

  11. Whiskymad says:

    Always look forward to chatting with you mate ! Great piece.

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