BenRiach Virgin oak.. batch 14 release.

BenRiach recently released batch 14 of the single cask releases and although there are no older expressions in this release it certainly looks like there are  some very interesting expressions..


This review is for the Virgin oak and is one of only two non peated expressions in this release, the other being from an oloroso cask from 2005.. This Virgin oak expression is bottled at 58.9% abv, distilled in 2006 from cask #7360, distilled 21-10-2006 and bottled June 2017.

Nose.. No doubting the oak influences in this one.. Fresh resin, damp forest aromas, ripe banana, vanilla with caramel and citrus notes.. A touch of chocolate and coffee.


Palate.. Starts where the nose suggested it would.. Oak and spices galore, vanilla, toffee and ripe fruits.. Apple pie with cinnamon, sugared almonds and pear drops..

Finish.. Oak and spice all the way..

Thoughts..  Love it !!

It seems so long since I’ve enjoyed a Virgin oak expression as good as this !!  The oak and spices are big in this and that’s how it should be in my opinion, it resembles a bourbon without loosing its whisky integrity..


The batch 14 comprises of 7 expressions..

2005, cask #2565, 12 yo first fill Oloroso.
2005, cask #2679, 12 yo first fill Port pipe, (peated)
2006, cask #7360, 10yo first fill Virgin oak.
2007, cask #101, 10yo first fill oloroso, (peated)
2007, cask #105, 10yo first fill Oloroso, (peated)
2008, cask #2047, 9 yo port pipe, (peated)
2008, cask #7880, 9 yo first fill Marsala (peated)

If the others are as good as this I’m in for a real treat…

My gratitude goes out to BenRiach for this official sample..


Benriach Virgin Oak batch 14.

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  1. B D. says:

    Another attempt to make it work with virgin oak,not my cuppa tea I’m afraid.


  2. Bigbottle says:

    Virgin oak can really overpower a whisky and make it taste so oaky, might have to try this one at some time.


  3. jack says:

    Not a fan for the Virgin oak due to the overwhelming oak influences Tom has mentioned but still a great review.


  4. Brian says:

    Interesting that you loved it and Tom hated it as it just goes to shows just how different palates can be ! Although I have not tasted it myself I know I am not a big fan of the Virgin oak casks and probably wouldn’t buy one myself but it was good to read these notes.

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  5. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Tom..
    That is very interesting indeed.. I do think that is what has drawn me in so much, the oak influences are what I loved about it.. Just shows how different palates can be and how one whisky can split opinions..

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Tom Thomson says:

    Interestingly I hated this and thought it was almost undrinkable due to the over influence of the virgin oak … my notes –

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