Syndicate 58/6

Syndicate 58/6 whisky certainly isn’t a whisky that I had heard anything about until receiving an email about it a few weeks back, this email asked if I would be interested in giving my thoughts and doing a review on the blog so here goes..


Syndicate blended whisky gets its name way back in 1958 when 10 casks were found in a warehouse owned by William Muir bond 9 limited  containing a blend of malt whisky and grain whisky.  This whisky had been distilled in 1954 and made to a recipe dating back to the 1800’s and was thought to be enjoyed by royalty.

When the whisky had reached 12 years of age in 1966 a small quantity was bottled and sent to the directors of William Muir Bond 9 limited and a small group of friends. The name then came in after 6 lawyers and accountants made it possible, Syndicate 58/6 was born.

Today the blend is maintained by using a solera system, once the additional whiskies  reach  12 years of age they are re blended with the older stocks which means today’s blend still contains a small amount of the original 1958 blend..

This blend contains 18 single malts and 4 single grain whiskies and once married together it is then matured for a further 2 years in 4yo sherry casks imported from Andalucia.

Bottled at 40% abv this blended whisky has an age statement of 12 years.

Nose.. Chocolate orange, orange peel and dried fruits are introduce this blend nicely followed up by poached pears drizzled in maple syrup and heather honey, a soft cinnamon note rises up while vanilla and ginger biscuits tease the senses. Subtle hints of glacier cherries and Bakewell tart entice you into taking a sip.

Palate.. Certainly more spicy and oaky than the nose had suggested. The orange notes begin to come through again carrying the chocolate flavours as well as ground coffee and marzipan, soft plums and ripe pear along with toffee apples give this a fruity side and the vanilla and caramel keep up the sweetness.

Finish.. Oaky with a hint of sweetness.

Thoughts.. The nose certainly is the winner here for me, it is very fresh and typically sherried without being overly dominating. The palate is a little oaky but once you get passed that it is rather tasty, and once the sweetness kicks in, this whisky does reach another level, perfectly balanced and carrying some good complexity this Syndicate 58/6 12 yo would be a great lazy afternoon dram, something to just sip and enjoy and chat about the history as it takes you on its own little journey into the whisky of days gone past..


My thanks go out to Douglas laing for the chance to sample this whisky..

This little package also contained two rather tasty dark chocolate truffles which really did compliment the whisky perfectly..


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