Arran Amarone Wine Finish..

The Isle of Arran distillery recently announced another batch of this Amarone ” finish” was to be released so it only seemed right to get myself some to review.. Initially matured in ” traditional oak casks” this malt is then given a finishing period in Amarone wine casks sourced from an artisan producer from Tuescany, Italy.


Bottled at 50%abv and of natural colour and  NCF, this is a no age statement whisky !  The whisky actually has the most beautiful tinge to it.. Almost like an Autumn sunset reflecting on the copper coloured leafs still hanging on the trees.

Nose.. Sweet and fruity.. Initially  fresh fruits are in abundance, summer fruits, freshly squeezed oranges, bananas, melon and peach all enclosed in a honey jacket.. Vanilla, caramel and a rich dark chocolate notes can all be found lurking within.

Palate.. Spicy notes instantly get your attention before the fruity side is allowed to surface, a hint of aniseed compliments the dark chocolate note along with rum n raisin fudge and a hint of vanilla..


Finish.. Spicy, fruity and a twist of oak..

Thoughts.. The wine finish in this batch seems to work exceptionally well, the balance is just right and the sweetness from the nose is more than  balanced out by the spicy twist on the palate.. Certainly worth a punt..


Thanks go to the Isle of Arran Distillery for this sample..

For another opinion check out..

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    I certainly do use twitter.. Please follow @ocdwhisky


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to the new updates.


  3. Ty says:

    Another good review mate. I am finding I really like Arran whisky and I think this is another one I should go out and buy.


  4. Whiskygeek says:

    I thought this was an extremely good post for a just above average whisky. When I tasted it I was not impressed but once bottle had breathed it got better. Thank you for the posts.


  5. sorrenkrebs says:

    it’s quite possible age and cask variation has a lot to do with it..


  6. kittykarate says:

    I bought a bottle of the Amarone finish 3 years ago. Maybe it’s my memory playing tricks on me, but this release this seems less rose-y. I remember a rose petal jam flavour that didn’t seem present in this one. Not that it was a bad drink by any stretch, but, different. Perhaps a variance in the casks.

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  7. Dorris Piper says:

    Saved as a favorite, I love your site!|


  8. Pete P says:

    Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact was a very accurate account.


  9. Isitpaul says:

    Terrific review! This is the kind of whisky that is supposed to be shared with friends.


  10. Jake32 says:

    Hi there, every person is sharing these experiences, thus it’s good to read your whisky review, and I like to see this weblog all the time.


  11. Doug says:

    I have read so much content concerning this whisky, makes me want to go out and buy one. keep it up.


  12. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thanks Kat.. glad you enjoyed it


  13. Kat says:

    Awesome post, Thanks for sharing.


  14. Anonymous says:

    I really like how you tend to write your reviews, This type of notes work well for me so Keep up the fantastic work.


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