What makes you moan these days ?  well in the whisky world that will bring a million different answers, some want to moan about  value for money, some just want and expect great whisky and others want to moan about having age statements on all  bottles etc etc.. But what really makes us happy is to have a good moan at what everyone else is doing or saying instead of just getting on with things..


I for one like a good moan and here are a few things that I’d like to put out there.. Firstly, price is a big issue and although I am more than happy to spend a couple of hundred pounds on good whisky be it with an age statement or without ( I really don’t care as long as the whisky is good.. Sorry folks ) What does annoy me is deliberate overpricing of bottles, this is just greed, yes I understand some companies might have a greater production cost but when you can see one company selling a 12yo for £30 and another expecting us to pay up to £70 !! where in the hell does that company justify the extra £40 per bottle in cost ?  I appreciate there might be a bigger cost  involved when we are looking at single casks and cask strength but the above bottles prices are from core range..


ok next on my list is the amount of ” bull shit” ( apologies) some companies dish out to make us buy the bottles.. ” Limited edition” only 30,000 bottles.. Ok it might be limited to 30,000 and never be repeated but holy cow batman 30,000 ain’t exactly a limited release or the ” this is a limited release and once it’s gone it’s gone” ( but don’t worry we will release again next year, and the year after) The problem is some of the larger companies don’t really give a shit about the people buying the products,  for every buyer they loose there is another one round the corner.. Sad but true!!   Lastly for now anyway,  what really rattles me is the way other people think they know what us bloggers think ( yes I count myself as a blogger .. some out there disagree 😂) My reviews are my personal thoughts, if I like the whisky I will say, if I don’t then I will say also, it really does not matter if it’s agree sample or a bottle I have bought, and yes I know some of my reviews can be exuberant, but that’s just me.. I sit here at my little desk sipping whisky and if it’s making me go oooo then I will write it.. I don’t very often find a whisky that I don’t like, hence very few bad reviews.. My thoughts are there are no bad bottles of whisky, it’s just we as individuals don’t appreciate what it’s about.. but that is what makes this such a great topic is that it is all individual interpretation..


Ok that’s enough for now.. but before I do go I will just say the best thing about whisky ( other than whisky of course) is the people out there.. Long live #whiskyfabric !!

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Agree with what you say although I will say if it’s bad then I will say exactly how bad I find it.. it’s when you know it just does not suit you or like you say it’s just that something is off with you on that occasion then you can’t slate it just for the sake of it..You always know if it’s just something that is not right or it is just a crap dram.. Too many says things just for the sake of it and that’s just not me..

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  2. Totally agree with every word, I try to not do an outright bad review, I always try to find something good about the juice I’m drinking. Just because I’m not enjoying a certain whisky at the time doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it at another time, depending on mood, weather, occasion… sometimes a whisky and cola is ok too. Lol

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