Paul John 6yo – Batch 3 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

That Indian whisky is back in my glass again !  This Paul John 6 yo whisky from That Boutiquey Whisky Company is rather delicious so what more can I tell you about it ?  Well it’s one of the peated casks from the Distillery and the peat most probably hails from that famous island of Islay..

Having spoken about this distillery with a lot of people and had the pleasure of pouring this at festivals I was more than happy to get the chance to try this independent bottling.

Hailing from Goa in India the distillery is going from strength to strength, using all Indian products including 6 row barley, natural spring water and of course the endless Goan sunshine.. Having recently up sized it’s production and with the opening of its visitor centre,  not to mention the bucket load of awards for the core range ( especially the Peated Select casks ) it has amassed over the last year or two

This Boutiquey Whisky Company offering is a 6yo, bottled at 52.9%abv, batch 3.. This is also natural colour and NCF..


Nose.. Gentle smoke greets the nostrils and introduces burnt toffee, over cooked apple pie and vanilla.. After letting this open a while the smoke gets a little more intense and brings in a more spicy side with cinnamon, ginger and a distinct peppery note.

Palate.. Instantly smokey and drying with a little spicy kick. The smoke and spice lead you into hints of white chocolate, toffee apples and a little vanilla fudge, hints of caramel and touches of coconut can be found and if you concentrate hard enough I’d swear you get a little ripe banana and sugared almonds..

Finish..Smokey all the way !!

Thoughts.. Ok so I like Paul John whisky and this is certainly another great bottle,  the spices and fruity notes that you pick in the unpeated versions are a little more subdued in this peated version but on the other hand if you love your peated whisky then your going to adore this one.. It has that little more vavoom than one or two others and feels like this is growing up a little more.. This is definitely one for the peatheads out there !




That Boutiquey Whisky Company Paul John 6 year old batch 3 is available from Master of Malt for £97.95


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