I recently had the pleasure off reviewing an Aultmore 25yo from a single sherry Butt released by Douglas Laing and as a result was offered the opportunity to review this official bottling of the Aultmore 25.. As you may have guessed I jumped at the chance to see how they might compare although it is quite obvious they will be quite different it will be very interesting to see if there any similarities..


This 25yo is released at 46% abv and is NCF and has Natural colour.. I also believe this is released in limited quantities..

Nose.. For its age this is very  fresh,  apple peel along with citrus notes and plums balance out chocolate brownie and toffee sauce aroma..  A hint of apple strudel and honey along with old leather, Demerara sugar and the faintest of oak notes.

Palate.. Deliciously fresh with those fruity notes hitting instantly before giving way to a more sweeter flavour.. Toffee and vanilla fudge coat the mouth and enhance those fresh fruits.. A hint of  tropical fruit arrives with a slight earthy note and subtle spices give this another dimension.

Finish.. Long and fruity with a spicy twist.


Thoughts.. When offered the chance to review this I didn’t want to compare it to the other 25yo  as a head to head but as soon as this one was poured I knew it was totally different, there was more off a fresh aroma filling the room and none of those big bold sherry bomb type notes.. This is extremly fresh and so much more delicate than the other I had ! There is a larger range of flavours with this which obviously gives  a more balanced profile.. Both are stunning expressions from this distillery and both offer a unique insight into what is on offer but from different ends of the spectrum.. This 25yo shows great balance and complexity and is definitely one to try..


My thanks go out to Sophie from Quercus communications for this official sample..



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  1. Hester says:

    Yikes on the price though !


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