GLENDRONACH 1991 Batch 14.

Ok so everyone now knows I love Glendronach and the single cask releases they put out !  And as anyone who reads my blog ( ok not so many then ) knows, I have the pleasure of reviewing the full batch 14 release and what a pleasure it has been so far, but we are now getting to the end and of course that means we are getting into the serious ages and not far from hitting another decade.. We started off in the 00’s then hit the 90’s so only this and one more before we hit the 80’s of which I’m sure a lot off you out there were not even born .. Gee I feel old now ….


So tonight’s release is cask #2683 and was distilled on the 22nd of December 1991 and bottled September 2016 having spent a whopping 24 years in an Oloroso sherry Butt.  This is of course natural colour and is bottled at a cask strength of 49.2% abv.

Nose.. This one is more subdued than the others, the dark fruits are there but not so dominant,  lots of sweetness arrives, it’s almost like a stew of dates, sultanas, plums, vanilla , toffee and caramel rather than a typical ” Christmas pudding” aroma.. There is a strong hint of dark chocolate and ground coffee beans, Sugared almonds and heather honey.

Palate.. Starts off with oak and spices before letting a more sweet note surface.. There is a lot more fruit than normal, Apple peel, orange zest, plums and a little more fresh grape rather than dried fruits.. Toffee, cinnamon and subtle ginger notes can be found along with a hint of tobacco and leather..

Finish.. Spicy and vibrant..

Thoughts.. This is very different to all the others and tastes and noses a lot younger than the age would suggest, but of course in s good way !! This is the perfect example of why single casks are great, this 24 yo is just so unique and shows a different aspect to this batch 14 releases.. Gone is the typical big sherry bomb and Christmas pudding and  instead you get a more gentle Christmas surprise.. This is certainly one to challenge your senses and pre conceptions!!

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  1. C. G says:

    Fantastic !


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    They make me smile too.. it’s going to be a sad day once I’m finished reviewing them

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ilovewhisky says:

    Another fab review. The GlenDronach is definitely a hit…

    These reviews do make me smile.



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