GLENDRONACH 1996( Batch 14 )

I know I’m not alone in the affection for good sherried whisky an there are not many distilleries that can match Glendronach for the quality that they can release.  If you follow my blog you will know I recently received the entire batch 14 from Glendronach in order to review ( yes I did a happy dance ) so far I have reviewed the 2004,2003 and 2002 so I now get to look at the 1996 and I know this one is being awaited ! .. so without any more delay let me tell you what this one is about.


The 1996 is a 20yo Pedro Ximenez matured whisky from cask #1485 that was distilled in February 96 and bottled September 2016,  this one is bottled at 53%abv and is of course natural colour and NCF..

Nose.. This one is very distinct, rich and so very different, figs and fresh dates mix perfectly with plums, pears and apple strudel.. There is a musky  earthy note which reminds you of tasting direct from the cask in the dunnage warehouse, the aroma of old leather along  with pipe tobacco, dark chocolate and coffee grinds.. Vanilla can be found in the background along with tobacco, molasses and maple syrup.

Palate.. Thick and chewy !!  Starts of with succulent rich dried fruits and gooey  plum pudding that just caress your mouth,  there is a sweetness that comes from toffee and burnt caramel along with some candied orange, tobacco and dark chocolate with ginger..  Fresh vanilla pods, black berries, sugared almonds and the finest Turkish delight make an appearance on the back of  old leather, oak and subtle spices..

Finish.. Musty, earthy and deliciously long lasting..

Thoughts.. If you get the chance to try the 1996 then don’t hesitate!! Give it time to open ! This is a sit and wait dram, good things come to those who wait. ..   This exceptional whisky is made to drink and be enjoyed.. I would usually say this is a perfect dram to share with friends but between you and me hide it away and drink it yourself because this is bloody good.. There is a very distinct musky, mature  feel and aroma to this vintage that just screams class !!  From the minute you pour to the last sip and sniff of the empty glass you will be in a total trance.. Perfectly balanced and full of complex flavours and aromas.. It does not get much better than this…

My gratitude goes out to Glendronach and Benriach for the generosity they showed in sending these samples..

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  1. Tony Papke says:

    Is there any better whisky than a Glendronach? Good review.


  2. Sunshine Williams says:

    I like the writing style involved with your reviews. Love this one especially so went out to buy it, unfortunately it is all sold out.


  3. Isha says:

    Thanks for the info, a great review from you.


  4. sorrenkrebs says:

    Get it cracked open and enjoy


  5. ilovewhisky says:

    Well that brought tears to my eyes.

    What a gloriously enticing review…this release sounds like a little piece of heaven in a glass. I’m sure I’ll get to try a similar release one day.


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the review, I have bought this bottle and tucked it away for a rainy day, I might just have to open it now.

    Liked by 1 person

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