JERICO ” CHRISTMAS PUDDING” The Lost Distillery Company.

These days when the postman knocks i certainly come a running and there is no surprise when he brings me things like the latest release from ” The Lost Distillery Company”  This version of JERICO is apply named “Christmas pudding” so no prizes for guessing what is probably in the bottle..



So who are the people behind “The Lost Distillery Company” I hear you ask..

“The Lost distillery Company is owned by Crucial drinks who are a boutique drinks business based in Scotland that ‘reimagines spirits’ to create innovative, stand out products across the malt whisky and rum categories.

· Founders Scott Watson and Brian Woods, set up Crucial Drinks in 2013 following a long planned desire to develop a world class whisky and rum portfolio that offered outstanding spirits with unique heritage and brand stories. Born and raised in Ayrshire, both founders set out to build a global business in and from East Ayrshire to help regenerate the area.

· Now five years old, the thriving company distributes to 40 markets worldwide with over £2 million in revenue.

· Its award-winning portfolio of luxury spirit brands includes The Lost Distillery Company, Six Saints Rum and West Indies Rum and Cane Merchants.

· The Lost Distillery Company’s ever expanding collection, is featured across three ranges of blended malt Scotch whiskies – Classic, Archivist and Vintage. These include modern day interpretations of spirits from lost distilleries such as Auchnagie, Towiemore, Stratheden, Gerston, Lossit and Jericho.

The Lost Distillery Company hand-crafts legendary whiskies from long closed distilleries across Scotland with a contemporary twist. The new merry malt is part of the Jericho range, styled on the lost distillery in Nether Jericho, Aberdeenshire which closed in 1913 due to its isolated location.

This seasonal release is a variation of the popular Jericho malt, which is part of the Archivist collection. With hints of orange zest and rich marzipan, spice and dried fruits, the blend encompasses the comforting flavours of the much-loved Christmas pudding in each scrumptious sip.

A full-bodied, richly aromatic spirit, the whisky makes for the perfect dram to warm the soul during the chilly festive season. Beautifully presented in a magical yuletide themed red and silver bottle, the blended malt is the ideal quirky stocking filler or memorable gift for a whisky aficionado” ..


So here are my thoughts on this seasonal release..

Bottled at 44.8% abv on the 3-8-16..

Nose.. This starts off quite tame with a very nice balance of oranges, marzipan and subtle hints of dark fruits.. after a few more minutes the dark fruits become a lot more prominent along with lovely spices and hints off ginger bread biscuits…

Palate..  Berries and dark fruits are instantly noticeable with spices and honey balancing this out perfectly.. Everything you expect to taste is in there… Oranges, plums, Dates, prunes, figs and a deliciously rich chocolate note lead you into apple strudel and dark toffee flavours..

Finish.. A fairly long, oaky, fruity finish with a spicy twist..


Thoughts..  This is not one of those big bold sherry bombs it’s rather more defined and delicate but that is its strength.. The sherry notes are very well balanced and that helps show off the complex flavours and aromas perfectly.. This definitely will not be out of place on your table for that Christmas Eve/night dram to celebrate what Christmas is all about..

Thanks to Crucial Drinks and The Lost Distillery Company for this sample.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    It is a easy to drink dram 👍


  2. Whiskysnob says:

    Great looking bottle and sounds like it might be a very easy drinking whisky ?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Whiskyforme says:

    A very attractive bottle ! That would look great on my Christmas table.


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