GLENDRONACH 2002 Single cask batch 14

Every now and again we get to do something that just makes us smile, gives us that warm fuzzy feeling inside and I have that right now !!  A few days ago I received a lovely surprise from Glendronach which was the full range of samples from batch 14 of the single cask releases.  Today I am about to review the 3rd in the series which is the 2002 release, cask #1504 once again this  is a Pedro Ximenez sherry puncheon which was distilled June 2002 and Bottled September 2016 at the tender age of 14years..  This bottle is of course NCF , Natural colour and bottled at 55.5% abv.


Nose.. Starts of quite prickly with a mixture of wood spices and dark fruits neither of which wants to give up the top spot.. Eventually you get more distinct aromas like plums, chocolate, toffee, vanilla and a subtle hint of earthy notes.. A little more time and coffee notes begin to unravel along with leather, orange peel and apple pie.


Palate .. The first thing noticeable is oak before becoming more spicy like the nose suggests,  dates, sultanas and plums take a turn to shine along with bitter chocolate, strong black coffee and sugared almonds..


Finish.. Medium in length with oak and spice till the end..


Thoughts.. Firstly I love Glendronach and doing these reviews is a great pleasure and having done 3 expressions in 3 days I am getting a real impression on just how different these are going to be which you don’t actually realise when you have one here and there,  so when I say this one is not in the same league as the 2004 and 2003 then please don’t think this is bad it’s more like they were exceptional !!  This 2002 just feels as though it does not know what it wants to be..  It is still good but more a 2D malt instead of 3D ..


My gratitude goes out to Glendronach for this official sample..

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  1. Pudding man says:

    I absolutely adore Glendronach but I am finding it harder to get hold of these single casks, although I will be looking for one of these younger bottling.

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  2. Scotty says:

    Bought this bottle,lovely sherried whisky but I know what you mean it is not the most complex bottle I have had.

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