As time goes by and I get to try many new expressions from more and more distilleries and countries I keep coming back to Paul John expressions, the whisky is so very impressive, and with every new release of the single casks I just get more and more impressed… Recently I was very lucky to meet up with Shilton once again and attend a tasting where Shilton  kindly asked me to do a review for a single cask that had been released only in Germany.. This cask is cask #745 and is another peated single cask with a phenol level of 35ppm..  The cask was bottled in June (2016) and is bottled at 58.2% abv and of course has no colour added and is NCF..


Nose..  This is very interesting indeed, a lovely smoke infused fruity, floral aroma that is so very well balanced.. The smoke just sits so well alongside poached pears, orange peel, toffee Apple and a lovely earthy note similar to manuks honey.. peaches and ripe banana along with heather and moss can be found, hints of dunnage warehouse and smouldering wood..


Palate.. The palate just explodes spices and smoke and is more intense than the nose suggests and certainly more heat but with a drying feel to it… The palate is more rustic and gives more burnt sugar, ginger, cinnamon and burnt toffee notes, big hits of oak infused vanilla, burnt banana, pineapple and that earthy note again..


Finish.. Dry with a big hit of spice and oak..


Thoughts.. Again Paul John have suprised me with this bottle, the nose leads you to believe this will be very delicate and soft with lovely subtle flavours but it couldn’t be more wrong once you delve in.. The palate really wacks your chops and although the smoke/peat does not dominate it certainly gives you more to think about.. It is good and it is worth trying to find one, especially if you like something unexpected.. Lovely.. ‪A wonderful marriage of spices, fruits and smoke that just delight all the senses .. ‬



Thanks go out to Shilton and Paul John for this official sample..

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Malthouse.. The range is indeed very good and like you say the peated expressions carry a lot of flavour still.


  2. Malthouse says:

    The Paul John range is a very good range and the peated versions are my favourite by far, I would like try this bottle because your notes sound very good to me. I especially like the way the peat does not overpower the flavours of the malt do letting you taste all the flavours you know would be there.


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