Scotland is full of old myths and tales of beasties, we have the Loch Ness monster, Morag, Lizzie and many many others but there are new tales of a beastie, one that may be living in a home near you, they say it lurks in dark corners, behind closed cabinet doors and even under the bed.. They also say if you whisper the name TIMOROUS the wee beastie that has laid dormant for at least 40 years might just be woken from its slumber and change the way you live your life forever.


Reports from around the world are emerging that this wee little mouse has grown into something rather scary, children have dissapeared and grown men brought to their knees.. Seasoned whisky drinkers have shed tears over the flavours rumoured to be locked away, while so many wife’s have been made widows because of the serious effects the aromas have on the weak.. This wee mouse is after only one thing and that is to put fear into those who dare whisper the name TIMOROUS BEASTIE..for those brave enough to even read on I will attempt to give you the secrets to slay this fearless beast once and for all..

I found this old journal taped to the rear of an old oak desk, the words inside should help to unlock the secrets..


2nd June 1976.

” Today is Wednesday, I have been hearing the rumours about some mysterious monster lurking in Glasgow, it is said somewhere in a damp shed, behind piles of OAK barrels there is something sleeping that should never be disturbed.. Can the rumours be true, is this the slayer of men, I must travel up in the morning to find out for myself”


” Thursday morning 5.47am, there is a GOLDEN hue to the sky this morning.  Mrs cooper the house maid says her tearful goodbye, all I know is I must head to Scotland and seek a man by the name of Mr Laing.. He is said to be the one who first acquired the knowledge behind the beastie”



” After a long journey I arrive at my destination, I am struggling to find any one who will talk about the beastie, there is fear in the eyes when you start to say TIMOR.. ”



” The streets of Glasgow are damp today, the smell of ORANGES and CANDY are in the air, as I turn into a long dark alley I can smell fresh FRUITS with some prominent VANILLA and gentle SPICES.  In the distance I hear the rain and echoes of ” hot CHESNUTS come get your sugar coated NUTS” .. I have the  feeling I am being watched,  my senses are so alive right now”



” Monday morning and I fear for my life, I’m getting closer , the air has the scents of TIMOROUS.

This morning I was woken  by the sound of scurrying, I dressed quickly and proceeded downstairs where  I had OATS with HONEY for breakfast,  a little BURNT SUGAR sprinkled in my black COFFEE. As I left the  house the maid slipped a little CHOCOLATE into my hand, her face gave little away, the there was NO COLOUR in her cheeks  just a single tear that sat in the corner of her eye, did she know what awaits me ? .. As I walked through a small garden where an APPLE and PEAR tree were in BLOSSOM my thoughts were all about TIMOROUS . I have only a few days left  before I must leave but I cannot find the man who goes by the name Fred, he is said to be one of the sons, the future lies in his hands”



” The taste of SPICES are everywhere in the house this morning, my breakfast was cooking on an old piece of OAK and as I eat my slice of TOAST and ORANGE MARMALADE my thoughts were only of the days ahead and what may come before me.  As I walk the busy streets I pass a lady selling TOFFEE and BUTTERSCOTCH these aromas were so strong I had to buy some.. She whispered to me “it waits for you,  he knows you are coming”


I am closer than ever, I can taste the fear, it just lingers on the back of the fresh FRUIT  taken from the old OAK cart.. I must to return to the house in order to rest, I must escape the watchful eyes”



Unfortunatly that’s all that was written, the man just dissapeared…  Somewhere hidden  in these notes that were written over 40 years ago  has to be a clue to the secret of TIMOROUS BEASTIE..


I would like to thank Douglas Laing for the chance to seek out the tales of this wee beastie..


Please be aware the beastie is still loose and has now spread into Europe and maybe even the rest of the world is not safe..be careful the wee mouse has evolved into a complex beast.. If your hear whispers of the beast, don’t utter the words TIMOROUS.. You will never be the same..

Let it be known that on this day 12-9-2016, I along with a group of fearless warriors, Jan Beckers a Belgium master of ancient crafts, Cara our Remarkable leader, Alan, Jonathan, Andrew, jenny and our chief sniffer Cooper are setting out to find and capture the beast, if we don’t return tell our story to your children, never let this tale die…

This sample was provided as part of a competition, my thanks to Douglas Laing.

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