GLENDRONACH 14yo Virgin Oak Finish

At the mention of Glendronach I instantly think of big sherry flavours, wonderful aromas and of course the fantastic array of single cask releases that are just so Devine ..  So when I recently recieved a package containing a sample for the re released 14yo virgin oak I was quite inquisitive as to what this might be like.. I am quite a fan of good virgin oak matured whisky, it just gives that little extra sweetness and bold aromas that peek the interest..
Bottled at 46% abv and non chill filtered and with natural colour, this single malt was matured initially in European Oak casks and then  finished  in a small batch of the finest Virgin Oak casks, which should give the whisky its own unique flavours and aromas.


Nose.. A subtle sweetness greets you as the aromas of baked apple drizzled with heather honey, sweet toffee sauce and caramel with some fresh banana and vanilla ice cream.. There is a touch oak and a slight nutty aroma hiding in the background.


Palate.. More spicy than the nose suggested, cinnamon, ginger and  a little woody before a touch of fruitiness comes through, those bananas and red apples with a hint of peach and honey come trickling in..


Finish.. Oaky with a twist of spice..


Thoughts.. I was quite looking forward to this one but upon first impression I feel a little let down.. Dont get me wrong it is a good whisky but it just feels like it’s a little lost between being a good virgin oak or just a decent re-fill type maturation..  It is enjoyable as a whisky and at £50 (ish ) it is about at the top of its price, and yes I would buy it but  It might just benefit from more time in the virgin oak who knows, the abv is perfect, the NCF and natural colour has to be applauded and it is very easy to drink..

Thank you to Glendronach for this sample..

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi E..
    I do know where your coming from and did notice a change after a while.


  2. E says:

    I thought this was spectacular and bought a bottle instantly after tasting but I know it feels like it has gone a little flat. Would you agree ?


  3. Preston says:

    Who don’t like Glendronach ?


  4. Brendon Jared says:

    BRAVO on a great review, you nailed it mate !


  5. Simon says:

    I managed to try this while I read your thoughts and I did agree with most of your thoughts but not all.


  6. Bob Lilly says:

    Tried this and was not overly impressed, I thought it lacked a little punch and tasted more like a 2nd fill or even 3rd fill. None of those big virgin oak flavours were in there.


  7. sorrenkrebs says:

    You should try it then, it really does not have that distinct flavour of virgin oak 👍


  8. R says:

    Hi Sorren. I am not a big fan for virgin oak whisky so this might be what I’m looking for and since you don’t think it shows the character of typical virgin oak bottles I might just take the plunge and buy a bottle.

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  9. sorrenkrebs says:

    This is a good dram.. It’s a don’t judge the book by its cover moment..


  10. Stu says:

    Sounds like quite an interesting dram I might have to have a look for a sample to try. Good to see someone say it as it is.

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  11. Carl says:

    Nice notes my friend, good to see honesty too.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Nice to see an honest opinion In a blog, I may well buy.


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