GLEN MORAY 25 ( port wood finish)

Glen Moray is a distillery found on the outskirts of Elgin, on the banks of the river Lossie where it has been since 1897.

I was lucky enough to have recently visited the distillery and treated to a very detailed tour showing all the investment and upgrades the distillery has had over the recent past.. The detail and passion from the whole team was very evident, so there is no wonder the malt is rather tasty. As we walked and chatted I was shown round the warehouse where some older casks were still sleeping, this was a very nice warm up for the tastings that was to follow.. One of the highlights was the 25yo port finish, so I just had to make sure I had some in order to review once I got home.. And here is that review..


The 25yo port wood finish was distilled in 1988, and was initially aged in bourbon casks before being given a finishing period in the finest port pipes.. Bottled at 43%abv this is a limited release of 3482..


Nose.. There is an obvious sweetness, lots of vanilla and toffee with a smack of dried fruit and candied orange.  Pear drops and barley sugar sweets mingle with gentle spices and s hint of minted dark chocolate..


Palate.. Instantly sweet, caramel, burnt sugar, vanilla and cinder toffee give way to a spicy centre with hints of oak and subtle fruity notes.. Peaches, plums and ripe pear  give this a second rush of natural sweetness with a lovely creaminess that just makes you want to sip some more..


Finish.. A medium sweet finish with a twist of oak..


Thoughts.. The colour really suggests more influence from the port pipe than is obvious, there must have been some very good bourbon casks in this mixture because the bourbon is very evident on the nose and palate.. The overall balance is fantastic, there is complexity and a mature feel that can sometimes be lost in finishes.. The abv of 43% is perfect too.. This is a very good all round, complex but  easy drinking whisky that you would be proud to offer your friends..

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