GLEN MORAY Sherry cask finish.

imageGlen moray is a lovely distillery tucked away in the top reaches of speyside, the distillery is surrounded by houses and is part of the local community.  The distillery is probably best known for the ” Classic” bottling sold in just about every establishment that sells whisky, extremely well priced ( some say under priced) this malt is often overlooked.  Over recent times the distillery has released a few expressions where this “classic” malt has been given a finishing period and the latest finish is this sherry cask finish version.  This new twist is said to add layers of a rich and spicy sweetness to the smooth, light and floral whidky we all know..

GlenMoray uses ex bourbon barrels sourced from North America to mature the Glen Moray we typically find in the shops, These casks are said to deliver a superior product that has a smooth and well-rounded taste. This whisky has then been given a finishing period of a minimum 8 months in the finest oloroso sherry casks according to Master Distiller Graham Coull.

Being in the Laich O’Moray the distillery benefits from the regions milder climate as it is afforded protection from the Cairngorm and Monadhliath Mountains. The distillery’s geographic location and also sitting in a hollow below the water table, means that the warehousing has the perfect conditions to allow for the Angels to take more of a share of our whisky than they will of others.

So this release is bottled at 40%abv and has a RRP of £22…

Nose.. First offering is dried fruits, dates, sultanas and some candied orange, a hint of apricot and poached pear with toffee and burnt sugar. Subtle vanilla and a hint of blossom lingers in the background.


Palate.. More subtle than the nose would suggest, quite a light taste with more spices, ginger and a little nutmeg, some oaky notes and honey and burnt toffee. Again there is a hint of apricot, pear and a little vanilla in there somewhere..


Finish..Spicy and fruity.


Thoughts.. You can just tell this is youthful, it has that fire behind it but I do have to scratch my head and wonder why people over look this distillery, yes this is youthful but it is good, ok it won’t set the world on fire but it will sit well on any shelf, put this in front of someone and they will be happy to drink it, tell them the price and they will go out and buy it.. This really is a bang for your buck whisky.. No thrills just quality at a fantastic price..


This review was done from an official sample from the distillery.. Thanks go to Glen Moray for sending me this..




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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    exactly Craig.. A good quality alt at a bargain price.. Expensive does not always mean good !


  2. I love the classic and I’m loving the bottle of peated I’ve purchased, like yourself I can’t understand why so many people over look this distillery. It’s got to be one of the best malts at the price point it sits at in my opinion..

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