There is to be another new English whisky distillery, based in Hunmanby, North Yorkshire. The aim of the distillery is to produce whisky but as this is not an overnight process, there will be other exciting things in the meantime.  The aim is to produce whisky using home grown malting barley and water from the natural springs found under the chalk of the North Yorkshire moors.  There are also plans to have a membership type club that will give you access to some of the first whisky produced.. I will update as more information becomes available..



Installing the stills.. Exciting times lay ahead.

This is what they say about it..

Nestled in the village of Hunmanby on the North Yorkshire coast, Spirit of Yorkshire is our newest venture building on the successes of Wold Top, our family owned brewery based on the farm. We have been in arable farming for generations and we are very proud and protective of not just our environment but also the people who live and work there.

It is in our nature to explore new opportunities. We are curious about what is possible, happy to embrace new thinking and our distillery will produce the very first Yorkshire Malt Whisky alongside our own creation, a Callow spirit…


The Distillery is now in operation and has laid down the first casks of spirit,  this spirit will of course not be classed as whisky until  2019 and maybe even further down the line depending on how well it matures in the varied types of casks.. As far as I am aware the distillery has decided to use both bourbon and sherry casks of which the sherry casks seem to be Pedro Ximenez, fino and Oloroso so we can expect a nice varied amount of flavours..  Also from indications the distillery will be opening its doors to the public from the Easter weekend 2017 but as yet I don’t have the full details..

For more information visit the website


or contact them at


or phone

01723 891758




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  1. Kristy K says:

    A wonderful place to visit, very friendly people, I can not wait until the spirit is on general sale.


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