The glengoyne distillery is well known amongst whisky fans world wide, the distillery is classed as a highland whisky producer although it does technically span into the lowlands too.  The distillery first recieved it’s distilling license in 1833 while under the name of Glenguin of Burnfoot, the distillery later changed the name to Glengoyne in 1907.  The distillery went from strength to strength and in 1966 the distillery tripled the production to 1.2million litres due to demands for the malt produced, then in 2014 the old barley kiln was converted into what is now known as no1 warehouse, with its thick stone walls and stone floor it is the perfect place to store a selection of casks according to distillery manager Robbie Hughes.


This is the 3rd release of the cask strength and is NCF, and Natural colour, as well as an impressive 58.2%abv.


Nose.. Full on sugar and spice and all things nice, it starts off quite spicy, ginger, pepper and cinnamon all compete for top spot while allspice and nutmeg all try to get in on the act, lovely citrus notes with some pear poached and drizzled in heather honey and stewed apples come along to the party.


Palate..  More fruity on the palate, Dates and candied orange are instantly offered up along with more of those pears and some apricot, spices coat the mouth while some vanilla and toffee bring some sweetness, hints of dark chocolate and black coffee  mingle with subtle oaky and malty notes.


Finish.. Quite dry but intensely long.


Thoughts..  This is one of those drams that once poured you just want more and more, big bold flavours mixed perfectly with more subtle notes, plenty of complexity to this with a big kick of Alchol.  This is another great example of what whisky should taste like.. Whoever pours you a dram you better hope they have a shakey hand, you will want a generous measure for sure..

4 Comments Add yours

  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Sven.
    I quite enjoyed the 15yo and will be putting s review on the site soon.


  2. Sven says:

    I like this whiskey but what do you think to the 15 years old bottle ?


  3. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Thomas.
    This is indeed worthy of anyone’s cupboard, I’m sure this will not be the last time I buy one 👍


  4. Thomas Green says:

    This is one of the bottles I like to have sitting in my cupboard. A great whisky indeed.


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