Glenturret Peated.

Glenturret has re designed the packaging of the distilleries malts, the core range now consists of 3 expressions, the tripple wood, the sherry and today’s offering the peated, all 3 are released at the new  abv off 43% instead of the 40% that used to be released.  Glenturret is producing in the region of 64,000 litres of peated malt per year, most of which is marked for the famous grouse blends. What does make it into the bottle as single malt is about to be tested..image

Nose..  Prominent smoke, smouldering peat  with  a subtle burnt candied orange note. Eventually a little whiff of honey and  toffee come through.


Palate..  The smoky effect carries right on from where it left us on the nose, some sweetness in the form of honey and vanilla, and a faint citrus note sits quietly in the background.  A distinct oaky note mingles with a bitter coffee and burnt caramel taste.


Finish.. Smoke from start to finish, and a faint spice note right at the end.


Thoughts.. This peated expression from Glenturret has plenty of punch, the smoke is not in anyway delicate, there are some good flavours and although the smoke is very dominant it actually makes this dram better. This is not overly complex in my opinion but it does have plenty of qualities. It will make an excellent starting point into the world of peated whisky. After tasting all 3 of the new entry core range I am quite impressed with what they have to offer, all 3 have some great qualities. I just wonder what an  older expressions might offer.



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