Old Pulteney 17yo.

The Distillery was founded in 1826 by James Henderson,  dependent on the sea when first founded  the area was known for the barrels of silver ( herrings ) and barrels of gold ( whisky ) .. In 1920 James Watson bought the distillery, only to find a few years later the area would vote to put a total ban on alcohol licenses, this lasted 25 years..

Now we all know Old Pultney for the ever so popular 12yo, a very consistent whisky and much loved, but today is the turn of the bigger brother, this 17yo is matured in three types of wood, the mixture is predominantly ex-bourbon casks with both Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.. This is bottled at 46%..


Nose..  Very fresh and full of fruity delights, lots of sweet goodness like toffee, vanilla and rich honey, Stewed apples with cinnamon and  drizzled with butterscotch, some citrus notes and a subtle seaside aroma..


Palate.. A lovely sweetness coats the mouth instantly before the sherry side tries to muscle in, lots of caramel and vanilla notes, dried fruits and citrus notes in the form of lemon and orange peel delivering a subtle bitter note.  Just as you think your getting to know this malt it delivers a dark side, a little spice and more fresh fruits, pear glazed in dark treacle and maple syrup, bonfire toffee and dark chocolate raises that bitter level up another notch..


Finish.. Delightfull.. Enough said !


Thoughts.. This is an extremely well balanced and complex whisky, the nose delivers everything you expect from a coastal distillery and more, the palate is sweet and bitter at the same time but it just complements each other so perfectly. There is a lovely richness, and the sherry notes just complement the bourbon so well, nothing overpowers and that just makes it so easy to drink..





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  1. Peter bradshaw says:

    This is a fantastic malt whisky, I do believe Ralfy chose it as his malt of the year for 2015.


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