Tullibardine 25yo

This is the flagship malt of the core range from Tullibardine. After tasting the whole core range this is making my mouth water just thinking about it, the range just seems to get better and better. Packaged in a rather stylish box and elagent bottle every thing points to a great prospect..image

This is bottled at 43% abv.

Nose.. Lush toffee and caramel notes play with your senses before honey notes come strolling in, then you experience wave after wave of spice and  vanilla, some citrus notes subtlety float over a fading oaky aroma.

Palate.. This certainly follows on from the nose.. Lots of sweetness and spicy notes, this palate offers everything. Manuka honey drizzled over stewed apples and pears, a little pineapple tart with burnt Demerara sugar on top, vanilla and a little malty note, towards the end there are some natural tanning notes,  dark chocolate, and candied orange before bitter coffee pops in..

Finish.. Smooth, with a sweet, spicy drying mouthfeel..

Thoughts.. This is a feisty  whisky that needs time to appreciate it fully..  Give it respect and it will release all of the complex notes it is hiding beneath the top layers.  The nose and palate complement each other perfectly, you know exactly what your going to get and that is a fantastically complex multilayered whisky..





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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    And so it should 👍

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  2. Great review, just reading this is making my mouth water…


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