Glen Moray “classic”

Glen moray distillery can be found nestled in the ” laich O’Moray ” in the Speyside region,  hiding in the shadows of the Cairngorms and Monadhliath mountains it is offered a little protection. The distillery sits in a hollow below the water table, where the warehouses offer the Angels a little more of a share of maturing whisky.. This “classic” is bottled at 40% abv..



Nose.. The nose carries a delicate floral scent with a little heather honey, citrus, vanilla and a definate malty note.


Palate.. Malty with floral aftertaste, some fresh fruits, apples and a subtle pear, some oak with natural tannings and a little Spice bringing up the rear.


Finish.. The finish is definitely oaky with a malty note.


Thoughts.. This is the entry level malt of Glen Moray, often overlooked as cheap and below most whisky aficionados. It shouldn’t be.. It is pleasant and easy to drink, ok it is not full of complexity, but it does not claim to be, it is one of those drinks that you can reach for when you just want a whisky, something to enjoy for what it is, a dram that you don’t have to be over analytical about. I found it very easy to drink and enjoyable..



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