Tomatin, first fill bourbon.


The latest offering from Tomatin distillery is another bottle your own, this time I have a 2003 first fill bourbon cask, distilled 23-10-03 and bottled 25-9-15 so just short of 12yo..  It has a strength of 56.4% so it is no puppy..

Nose.. After a few minutes sitting around patiently I dived into a barrage of sweet toffee, vanilla and fudge notes, a lovely fruity, floral scent rises softly with a little nuttiness dying to have a say.

Palate.. It smoothly runs all over the mouth, sweet delights tickle your taste buds, lovely apple pie coated with Demerara sugar,  toffee fudge cake with toffee icing, a little prickly heat in the form of black pepper, and a woody, nutty flavour in the background, some fresh fruit appears with apricot and plum notes and a faint almost under note of coconut..

Finish..  It has a long sweet aftertaste of natural tannings, a little woody with a hint of pepper.

Thoughts.. A rather enjoyable dram, plenty of good notes and bold flavours, a few more barrels like this would not go unnoticed..

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