Tomatin virgin oak.


Another offering from Tomatin distillery, this is another bottle your own offering, in cask date is 18-01-06.. Bottled 25-9-15..So it is a 9yo single cask from virgin oak, bottled at a lip smacking 60%.. Lovely.. First impression is the fantastically deep copper tint, I already want to dive in.

Nose.. Straight away your senses are filled with fantastic sweet toffee and vanilla aromas, toffee apple, vanilla fudge and candy floss, it is willy  wonkers in a bottle.. There is a little smoke in the background with oak tannings popping up.

Palate.. It retains the sweet notes with prominent vanilla, vanilla ice cream, toffee, butterscotch, barley sugar sweets, coconut, apple pie with cinnamon and a little ginger.  The slightest hint of smoke makes an appearance.

Finish.. This has a lovely spicy sweet finish, sweet right to the end.. A really refreshing offering..

Thoughts.. There are more and more virgin oak offerings around, I am astounded it has taken so long to get them onto the market, they offer something new and really do belong in the market, this one is fresh and full of fantastic prominent flavours, I do hope they have plenty more..This could already be one of my favourite bottles.. I will be buying more of this..

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  1. Darren stokes says:

    I fancy trying some virgin oak expressions. You make it sound tasty.


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Ben some distilleries will bottle one for you if you ring and get them posted, but it is a great experience, and a chance to get a unique bottle..


  3. Ben Oakley says:

    I like the sound of this whisky but at 60% I may have to wait until I have more hair on my chest and experience under my belt!

    If I get to do my planned distillery trip sometime in the new year then I will look to include a visit to one that offers a ‘bottle your own’ experience, that is if that’s how you get hold of these?

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