Talisker 25


Talisker 25 is one of those bottles I have fancied trying for some time, I bought a bottle a while back and had a small try, I decided to re visit and here is my thoughts.. Bottled at 45.8% ..

Nose..  At first intake it is Smokey, not a big powerful smoke, more like a dying fire type of smoke.. It soon opens up to release a fruity sweet aroma, lots of peaches, orange and candied sweets, faint iodine is lurking in there with a peppery scent.. Damp moss and heather honey interact  with an earthy damp forest type of aroma.. The type you get on those early autumn mornings..

Palate..  Starts of with a damp woody smokey taste, followed by sweet candies like butterscotch and pear drops , fresh fruits like peaches, orange and I’m sure a little pineapple, caramel and honey notes disappear behind a briney, salty note, you get an earthy, peaty flavour that sits so well with what you expect to taste..

Finish.. The finish is a long smokey drying kind of end to what is a very well matured peaty dram.

Thoughts..  When you pour this 25yo do not rush into it, take your time and let it open up in order to release all those subtle notes, it has a complexity that you expect in these older bottles, the peaty/ smokey aromas are well subdued which allows some very nice subtle scents to surface, altogether a very satisfying dram..

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  1. Darren stokes says:

    Stunning whisky


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