Dalwhinnie 25.


Dalwhinnie 25 is the bees knees from a distillery that does not have a multitude of bottles flooding the market.. The extra 10 years maturation over the standard 15 delivers a vast array of complexities.. It is bottled at a very nice 52.1%..

Nose..  This is where you sit up and notice.. It starts with a lovely heather honey type aroma, toffee, baked apple pie with cinnamon and ginger, toasted oak and scents of died fruit..

Palate.. It costs your mouth with sweet honey, vanilla and toffee notes,  a little spice comes in the form of cinnamon and ginger, toasted grain and oak tannings blend themselves into this sweet liquid so well..

Finish.. It has a lovely sweet oaky type of finish, not seriously long but very enjoyable.

Thoughts.. This is a major step up in the Dalwhinnie stable, it is complex, and very satisfying,  it is one of those whisky that you can bring out on a special occasion and feel very happy as you pour, nose and drink .. Take your time with it, let it breath, and the rewards will be all yours..

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