Glenfarclas 1989 family cask.

The  1989 family cask is another single cask offering from one of the best sherried whisky producers there is. Bottled at 60% this offering is the colour of a typical autumn sunset, a rich ruby red..


Nose..  A typical greeting of dried fruits, citrus peel and liquorice explodes into your nostrils,  there is something else though in this offering, it’s like butterscotch mixed with a strong black coffee.

Palate.. The first thing you notice is a freshness, it does not hit you hard like some big sherried whisky, it’s more subtle and complex, it opens with an array of flavours, liquorice is at the front of the que, aniseed and lovely dark chocolate notes March all around your mouth. Dates, figs and ginger gives you your second course, then a lovely sweet vanilla, oaky flavour wraps itself around your senses and plays with your tongue.. What a delight.

Finish.. It is a lovely lingering finish, one that lets you savour it for some time..

Thoughts.. I like this offering, I really do want more. I don’t need to say more than that !

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