Bladnoch 20

A lovely offering from the Bladnoch distillery, this 20 year old is bottled at 46%, and is NCF .  This distillery is one of only a hanfull of lowland distilleries left, it has had a few ups and downs lately but thankfully it’s still alive and kicking.


Nose.. It has a very fresh citrus scent, very floral, and it makes you feel like you are  laid down on a bed of heather just after a light rainfall, really fresh.

Palate.. Again a really fresh and floral taste, lots of citrus and vanilla, honey and ginger. A really clean mouth feel.

Finish.. It is not over long, very subtle but very pleasing.

Thoughts.. It is not over complex but it does make you want more, it has that typical lowland character, a very clean, fresh dram.

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