Auchentoshan 1979 – 32 year old

As a big fan of lowland whisky and Auchentoshan in particular, it goes without saying that I have had the privilege of tasting some rather fine examples of whisky from the distillery,  and none more so than this Auchentoshan 1979, 32 year old, first fill Oloroso matured whisky that now takes centre stage in my collection.. When I first managed to bag myself a bottle, I could not wait to taste it,  I had heard so many good reviews and heard the whispers about this special whisky, but could it really be that good ? could a lowland, triple distilled, subtle whisky really mature so well in a dominant first fil sherry cask, especially being a first fill, and still hold up.. Well let’s see…..

Auchentoshan 32 Year Old – 1979

Distillery.. Auchentoshan

Region.. Lowland

Distilled.. 22-10-1979

Bottled.. 20-7-2012

Age.. 32 years

Abv.. 52.5%

Cask.. First fill Oloroso Sherry Butts

Outturn.. 1000 Bottles



Nose..  O boy.. This is on another level.

First  you get the massive dried fruit and candied orange aroma’s,  it is so intense and just defies the subtleties of triple distilled whisky and it really does take you on a journey. Spices come in waves, and they just keep coming!  Honey, vanilla, candied oranges, chocolate, cherries, plum jam and oak just finish off this fantastic array of scents..

Palate.. The journey just takes another twist, the mouth feel is so smooth, your tongue tingles with the taste of eastern luxuries, dates, figs, raisins and Turkish delight. You can only dream of these full on flavours..  Dark chocolate, liquorice and citrus flavours just tease  your tongue all the time insisting to be noticed. Vanilla, caramel and honey give it a lovely sweetness, along with cinnamon and soft tobacco flavours that just make you smile.

Finish…  It is long.. It is bold.. It is fantastically malty.  It is rich and so very satisfying.

Thoughts…  Auchentoshan is well known to be floral and full of delicate flavours but this is just the opposite, it shouts come and try me, love me, drink me….   From the very point you open this Auchentoshan  to the point you actually finish your first sip you have been on so many journeys.  It Takes you back to your childhood sitting at the bottom of this really big Christmas tree, every second you are filled with more and more excitement and all you want to do is just unwrap it, cuddle it, play with it…  Then you are whisked away to the Middle East, into a Bedouin tent, a nomadic tribe entertain your every wish, everything eastern makes your mouth water.   This really is a malt that words do not do justice..

Perfection really does not come around very often, when it does you have to grab it with both hands… I grabbed two more !!


The Auchentoshan 1979, 32 yo Oloroso matured whisky..


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is an absolute amazing whisky that I was so lucky to try at the distillery a few years back, great notes and totally spot on.


  2. ilovewhisky says:

    Not only does this draw you into conjuring up the tastes in your imagination, and wonder how the flavours might delight your own palate… it also gives you the opportunity to dream and slip off into a moment.

    So many blogs break down the whisky in a clinical manner and then score it, or berate it and that’s it.

    However, your words show the reader that it is okay to appreciate the fact that whisky and all its wonderous hues, scents and flavours can bring much more…a daydream, a smile (this made me smile) or a chance to escape life for a while.

    Thank you for allowing us to read your thoughts…

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Grant says:

    I have not had pleasure of this bottle, I would think it is very good from what you say, these are the bottles I want to try. Thank you.


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