Glendronach 18.

Another big sherry bomb type whisky from the glendronach stable. This is matured in oloroso sherry casks and bottled at 46%.. Why can’t other distilleries take note !

Nose.. It has a lovely dreamy aroma of dates, figs, candied oranges and spices, I could sit and nose this for the rest of the evening.

Palate.. Dark chocolate and cherry come gushing into your mouth, lovely citrus flavours step up followed by ginger and other spices.

Finish… It does eventually finish and that is a shame, but it leaves the memory of a wonderfully rich spicy dram.

Thoughts.. This is another dram that can take you on s journey, you end up in one of those nomadic tents surrounded by dates and figs, the air is full of eastern promise.. What more do you want from a drink..

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