Glendronach 15

Glendronach distillery is fast becoming a big name, they produce some very good sherried whisky, one of which is the 15yo revival.
Bottled at 46% this whisky has a heafty clout, I can’t complain at the strength ( for once).

Nose.. This whisky has a nose that belongs on something older, (although it probably is older due to stocks at the distillery) lovely dried fruits, chocolate and coffee play with your senses..

Palate… This has a lovely chocolate flavour, prunes, dates and figs, it’s all very indulgent, spices rise like the gentle scents on a damp day in the meadows. Cinnamon, ginger and that lovely coffee aroma that you get from freshly ground beans.

Finish… The finish is just delightful, long and not overly dry.

Thoughts.. This is how sherried whisky should be, strong and bold. I always look forward to another pour.. Bring me more.

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