Glenfiddich age of discovery 19 yo madeira


This offering from Glenfiddich is part of a 3 bottle set, the Madeira cask, red wine cask and bourbon.
This offering is bottled at 40%, although I can’t help thinking it would be so much better at 46%.

Nose.. A lovely aromatic sweet scent of figs, grapes and orange marmalade hit your senses, my taste buds are already salivating at the thought of drinking this.

Palate.. It does not let you down, there are flavours flying around all over the place. Candied orange, ginger, figs, raisins and cinnamon, I’m even getting a little dark chocolate too. After a while you get a oaky earthy flavour.

Finish.. It has a long lingering finish fairly dry but very tasty, the sweet flavours just keep popping up.
Thoughts.. There are a lot of these wine type finishes around, some work well and some don’t, this is one of the good ones, I’m not surprised though, Glenfiddich have a knack of releasing good whisky. This whisky has obviously been in some good Madeira casks, on this occasion sourced from the canteiro warehouses of Henrique and Henrique.

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